International Program

Calvary Academy participates in the Federal Department of Immigration's Student Exchange Visitor Program.  This program allows students with the appropriate visa to come to Calvary Academy for their elementary or secondary education.  

This arrangement is mutually beneficial, allowing the international students to experience American culture and society, and allowing the Calvary Academy student body to benefit from an integrated, multicultural experience.   

We currently have international students from 5 countries attending our school and sharing their experiences with us.  They benefit from an active ESL (English as a second language program) that is offered in high-school and middle school.


The Global Challenge

In today’s global economy, the international emphasis is the interconnected world. The best way to succeed in the fast pace of change is to get an international education. As a student at Calvary Academy, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and insights that will make you competitive in your choices for colleges and universities.


Every day, you will have many opportunities to learn about the American culture in Mid-Atlantic, New Jersey. Multiple experiences abound in the application of the English language through art, music, literature, religion, science, business and politics. Most important, you will be able to learn about your own abilities and potential.


If meeting exciting challenges in a new country and learning the fine points of the American culture is appealing to you, then it is time for you to attend Calvary Academy in Lakewood, New Jersey, located  less than 65 miles south of New York City.


A Legacy of Excellence


Established in 1978, Calvary Academy is a private, non-denominational Kindergarten – 12th grade school. Calvary Academy provides an excellent education for students living in our surrounding counties and students from all around the world. With a total enrollment of less than 300 students, we are able to keep our teacher to student ratio low.


Calvary Academy has the reputation of being a safe, balanced, inclusive school that values quality education for every student. Each year, these strong characteristics result in 97% of our graduating students being accepted into universities and colleges all over the United States of America.


Our international students have the opportunity to participate in many activities that will dramatically enhance their university applications as well as provide occasions for making special friendships. Students are encouraged to be active in competitive team sports for boys and girls, or serve in student government.


Fluency in the English language, knowledge of the American culture, increased maturity, enhanced opportunities for the future, and lifelong friendships are just some of the benefits of attending our Calvary Academy international ESL program


Host Family Experience

An added benefit for your study abroad program is the home-stay experience. You will live with a carefully selected host family who will provide you room, board, and loving care. In addition to your specific educational focus, you will be able to develop cross-cultural skills and learn first-hand about the American culture by living with a host family that will welcome you into their home.


The host family will supply the student with a bedroom with furnishings, internet service, food, and transportation.  


Your Educational Choice


Our ESL students are coming to Calvary Academy from countries worldwide. Most of our international students have the priority of being accepted into an excellent American university or college, even Juilliard most recently!. If you are a serious student, then you should be able to enter the undergraduate program of your choice. We offer the following programs for your preparation.


College Preparation Program—Our college preparation program is based upon the ACSI and NJ academic requirements. Your transcript needs will be assessed to ensure that you will receive the necessary academic classes. Encouragement and assistance will be provided for the TOEFL, SAT and/or ACT testing.

College Credit Program—Advanced Placement (AP) classes and Dual Enrollment classes are available to our international students. These classes receive college credit upon the successful testing at the end of the school term. This allows our students to receive university/college credits while they are attending high school.

Eligibility Requirements


To apply for enrollment at Calvary Academy’s international program, you must meet the following minimum requirements.


  • English proficiency
  • Your academic grade point average (GPA) must be 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale
  • Students need to demonstrate qualities that are essential to intercultural adjustment such as flexibility, open-mindedness, curiosity, tolerance for personal error, and a sense of humor.
  • An ability to adapt to an unfamiliar environment is necessary.