Admissions Procedures

The online application process includes a comprehensive set of procedures for admission to Calvary Academy.  Below is a brief overview of those procedures.  Click here to apply online.

Age Requirements:

  • New for 2018/19: 24 months - 36 months, may enroll when turn 24 mo.
  • Students entering Pre-K must have their 3rd or 4th birthday by Oct. 1st.
  • Students entering Kindergarten must have their 5th birthday by Oct. 1st.
  • Students entering 1st Grade must have their 6th birthday by Oct. 1st.

Step One 

  • Apply online by clicking link "Click here to apply online" at top or bottom of this page

  • Send a copy of recent scores on any standardized test

  • Send copies of most recent and prior year report cards for each applicant

  • If applicable:  send a copy of most recent I.E.P./ I.S.P.

  • Send a copy of the original birth certificate for each applicant

  • $75 application fee paid online when applying, which includes testing if necessary, per applicant (non-refundable)

  • Click below for applicable physical exam and print (physical needs to be current within one year of entry to school.)  Have your family physician complete applicable sections. Completed physical forms and Immunization Records are required for entrance to school:


Step Two:  

Click on applicable forms to submit to current teachers (One form per student) 

Step Three: 

  • When items in Step One and Step Two have been completed and received, a testing date will be scheduled for your child if necessary (K-12).

  • A  family interview will be scheduled with an administrator.  The interview may be waived if the family has a current student enrolled at CA, or if the meeting with Admissions suffices.

 Acceptance of Enrollment: 

The school will notify you in writing upon the decision of the admissions committee.  An enrollment packet will be sent via email with your acceptance letter.  The non-refundable fees of $225.00 registration fee plus the $175 yearly student fee will be required within 10 days of acceptance in order to secure their spot and must be accompanied by all the required forms included in the enrollment packet (for Pre-K & 24 mo.-36 mo. Development Center, this is just a total of $100.) 

Students enrolling for classes that are already full will be put on a waiting list.


Click here for current tuition schedule


Click here to apply online