Elementary Program

Elementary Fact Sheet

Pre-K & Development Center (24 mo.-36 mo.) Fact Sheet



The first step towards academic excellence is a solid educational experience.  Calvary Academy offers elementary students a strong academic foundation that prepares them for our college-preparatory high school.  They are challenged to reach their God-given potential, to strive for excellence in all they do through the integration of faith and learning.  Students excel academically through a traditional curriculum integrated with current teaching techniques such as cooperative learning experiences, technology, and multi-modality activities.  Calvary Academy students participate in educational field trips, weaving life experiences with learning.  Within these strategies our Christian teachers promote a positive learning environment.  This commitment to quality can be seen on test scores as the average student at Calvary Academy scores above grade level on nationally recognized standardized tests. 

New for 2018/19: 24 months-36 months Development Center: Once a child turns 24 months old they can be admitted into this program, regardless of the time of year. Our goal will be to prepare Toddlers to be  developmentally ready to enter our Pre-K program.

Pre-K 4 + Pre-K 3:
  Students are introduced to phonics in preparation for reading, math, Bible, social studies, science and skill centers (PK-3 gradually leads up to this level.)

Kindergarten: Students participate in Bible, math, reading, penmanship, phonics, social studies, science, and skill centers.

First - Third Grades:  Students participate in Bible, math, science, social studies, and language arts which includes reading, language, writing, spelling, and penmanship.

Fourth and Fifth Grades: Students participate in the studies of Bible, math, science, social studies, and language arts which includes grammar, literature, and composition.


At Calvary Academy, it is commonplace to see students sharing the love of Christ with other students, committed parents gathering in prayer, and teachers demonstrating the spiritual truths found in the Word of God.  In the elementary school, Bible lessons are taught each day, and chapel services are held weekly.  The purpose of our Bible curriculum is to present the need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to foster spiritual and moral development in our students.


The music department offers vocal music and music appreciation to each elementary class.  Vocal music prepares students for the musical programs scheduled throughout the year.  In music appreciation classes, students focus on many facets of music, from reading sheet music to recognizing styles of music, identifying instruments and famous composers. 


The elementary art program introduces students to many different artists over the course of a six-year period.  The goal of the art program is to assist students as they discover their artistic abilities.  The students conclude the art program each year in the Spring Program by hosting an Art Show. 


Our new state-of-the-art Technology Center is used each week for Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Students have the opportunity to work on programming robots, computer skills including keyboarding, word processing, graphics, and internet research. 

Physical Education

Students in Pre-K through Fifth grade participate in physical education gym classes.  The goal of the physical education program is to help students develop gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination, team cooperation and proper sportsmanship.  Students also take part in a variety of skill building activities.  

Science Labs

Elementary students experience hands-on activities and experiments that complement the topics discussed in the science curriculum of their individual grade level classes.  The science labs provide students with the opportunity to explore the complexity and detail of God's creation.

Before and Aftercare Program

Calvary Academy's Before and Aftercare Program is an optional addition to the regular Calvary Academy school day.  This quality program is an integral part of a complete education for many families.  We have thoughtfully designed these programs to complement the philosophy of the school and to support our faith values, because of Calvary Academy's commitment to providing the highest quality Christian education possible to its students.