Educational Philosophy

Calvary Academy believes that God’s Word, which is the basis for all truth, gives life to and sustains every subject, activity and decision that is made.  Calvary Academy provides a Christian education that is Christ –centered and Biblically-based.  Calvary Academy sees a two-fold approach to Christian Education:  evangelism and discipleship.  

 Our Pre-K through 5th grade programs are evangelistic.  We offer Christian as well as non-Christian parents a safe and loving environment for their young children to learn and grow in Christ’s love.  We provide opportunities for young children/parents to be educated from a Biblical perceptive, to hear the gospel, to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, and to be involved in a local church.  This philosophy does not mean that we will tolerate unacceptable behavior from the child/parent. 

Our 6 – 12 grade programs utilize a discipleship approach.  This means that the student has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, desires a closer relationship with the Lord, and is prepared to live by the Word of God.  Our focus at this level is to develop mature, well-rounded disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. We share God’s love and mercy for these children; however, we are not a reform school; the negative influence of just one child can be detrimental to many.

Our International program combines both discipleship and evangelistic
approaches.  We desire to enhance the educational environment of Calvary Academy by including International Students from around the world.  It is understood that these international students may be either Christian or non-Christian.  We will respect the International Students religious beliefs while presenting a clear, Gospel message.  Students are expected to attend daily Bible classes, weekly chapel services and to attend church at least once per week with their host family.  Our focus for the International student is to prepare them for successfully studying in American universities and to clearly present the Gospel to them.  Our native students will significantly benefit from this program as well.  They will learn about new cultures, will have the opportunity to make friends with students from other countries and will learn how to share and put their faith into action.  Please know that non-compliance to the guidelines outlined in the Family Handbook may result in immediate dismissal from Calvary Academy.  The Board of Education reserves the sole right to immediately revoke I-20 status as deemed necessary and appropriate.