High School  

At Calvary Academy, students are involved as thinkers, producers, and contributors.  Our goal is to instruct and assist as they begin to discover their place in this world by providing them the intellectual skills, the knowledge, and a strong faith to respond to the challenges of the world. 


 Middle School

Middle school students are unique in all respects.  They spend three years responding to new curiosities, developing new interests and strengths, and asserting new levels of independence.  We love being a part of the process as we prepare them for high school and as they begin to give us glimpses of the wonderful young Christian adults they soon will become. 


Elementary & Pre-School  

Every day is an important day with impact in the classroom.  It may be an act of kindness by a teacher, it may be an "a-ha" moment as a math concept comes to life, or it may be discovering a new friend.  An environment of caring and acceptance sets the stage for greater ease of learning and growth.