School Board

The Board of Education is made up of members of Calvary Lighthouse and current and past parents of Calvary Academy students. The fundamental purpose of the Board of Education is to represent God and the leadership of Calvary Lighthouse in determining and demanding appropriate organizational performance of Calvary Academy.

The Board's focus is on the long term impact outside the organization, not on the administrative or operational means of the academy.  The Board provides vision and governance for Calvary Academy that is in keeping with the vision and mission of Calvary Lighthouse.  The Board empowers the principal of Calvary Academy to meet the school's mission within predetermined boundaries.  Therefore any issues regarding discipline or daily operations of Calvary Academy should be addressed to the school administration and not to individuals on the school board. 

Current Calvary Academy Board Members:

Mrs. Yvonne Marti deDaniels - Chair,

Mrs. Laura Spagnuolo, Secretary 

Mr. Paul Crooks

Mr. Brett Hebeler

Mr. Michael Pushko

Mrs. Stephanie Cruz - Principal,

Pastor Spencer Click - Ex Officio,